Monday, March 4, 2013


It’s finally happened.

I finally confused the Amazon search engine and it has no idea what kind of ads to send me.

For years, my primary purchases from the online giant were children’s books. Now my kids are grown and they buy their own stuff.

Last December, I spent a week searching for a robe for my mom, but never found the right one. I’ve shopped for gifts for hubby. I’m bought my fair share of romance novels. And in the past year, I’ve ordered more college textbooks than I wanted, but with kids in college, I had no choice. Those books ran the gamut of subjects.

When I see an email from Amazon in my inbox, I never know what to expect.

I do know my reading habits have changed over the years, and their computer needs to go with the flow.

As a young teen, I read stuff from the school library and books I could find in the local grocery store—mainly Harlequin fare (I’m telling my age, but it was when they only had one line.) and they were fast reads.

I moved on to science fiction in high school and lingered there for years (the genre, not the school) because I found lots of romance cleverly cloaked in fantasy and sci-fi from writers like Anne McCafferey. In fact, most of her books are still on the shelf in my office.

Several years ago, in a moment of high stress, I reached for a romance, sure it would be an enjoyable read and end in a happily-ever-after, something I desperately needed that day. I haven’t strayed since then, reading all types of romance from dozens of great writers. I could list my favorites but this post would go on for miles.

Speaking of change, the biggest leap I made recently was from the ‘I must have a book in my hand’ camp to ‘I can’t live without my ereader’ camp, and in my mind, it was a huge step. I should take a moment to apologize to all those friends and authors who tried to change my mind a few years ago, when I was adamant about not giving up my paperbacks. They know who they are, and I buy their books regularly.

Have you made any changes lately?
Leave me a note and let me know.

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  1. What??? Lavender posted on her blog!!! Will wonders never cease?

    As for changes...sorta kinda--I'm determined to do more around the outside of my house in a timely fashion. Like, hey, guess what--all the leaves are raked up and bagged and have been put on the street on trash day!! This is huge.

    Next is the chain saw...