Monday, February 18, 2013

More Voices

The voices are back.

I think the wild wind we’re having this month is keeping them in my brain. And wild is the truth. It’s the middle of February, for goodness sake, and the sun is shining, temps are in the seventies and everything outside is being pushed by a steady blast of air.

The weather is messing with my writing process. My desk faces a window, giving me a peaceful view of trees, shrubs, and the occasional bird. When it’s thinking time, I contemplate the great outdoors and come up with some decent ideas.

Not working for me today.

Maybe the problem is my story. Make that both stories.  Juggling two manuscripts is a new job for me and I’ve yet to work out a schedule to maximize my work day. Both involve BDSM clubs, but the characters are very different.

It’s almost impossible to get words on the page when characters from another book whisper in my ear and tell me what they want to happen next in their story.

Maybe a good dose of chocolate will encourage one group to keep quiet while I finish up the other story.


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