Monday, July 15, 2013

Chapter 15 - Explicit content. Must be 18 or older to view

Derek stared, her words ringing in his ears. She’d given herself to him wholeheartedly. As much as he’d wanted to run, as hard as he’d tried to keep his heart separate from hers, he’d failed.

Walking away from Joanne wasn’t possible.

The soft sound of her wounded cry from the bottom of the stairs had chopped through every plan, every ruse, and every denial. Mark had pushed him to stay, but he’d been resolute. Until he heard Joanne’s pain, his only thought was escape.

Now he understood. Her pain was more than he could stand. She’d crept under his skin when he wasn’t watching, making him vulnerable. He needed her. He needed her submission.

Derek unwound her hair from his hand and stepped around her side until he stood facing her, one short foot between them. He stroked one finger down her cheek before reaching for his belt. His already straining cock made it difficult to slide the zipper down and he lifted her chin to watch as he freed it.

“I won’t go easy on you. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

She was already wet for him, no doubt in his mind. Creaming and ready to beg for him to take her. The urge pushed him to the far edge of desire.

“You stocked this room?”

Joanne panted at his feet, a lone tear slipping from one eye. “Yes, Master.”

He reached around her and released the leather restraints. “Get rid of those clothes. I want to see your body.”

Just as she had the first time he’d dominated her, she removed every stitch of clothing and folded it into a neat pile a few feet away from her position on the floor.

“Good girl. Now, bring me a condom.”

She was on her feet and at the cabinet in one pulse of his cock. Protection in hand, she went back to her knees before him.

“Put it on me. Slow and easy. Think about what comes next.”

Her nipples beaded tighter than a knot on a kite string and her body trembled as she rolled it down the length of him. A stray thought caught him hard. Was she fearful of or anticipating sex?

“Use your safe word if you need to stop.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you remember your safe word, Joanne?”

She leaned back and settled into the submissive pose. “Yes, Master, I remember, but won’t use it now.”

As intentions went, she couldn’t be any clearer than that.

Derek grasped her under her arms and brought her to her feet, her body soft and pliant in his hands. A few short steps took them to the bed. Restraints dangled from the head and footboard, ready for fun and games. Sliding one arm around her waist, he used the other to push her shoulders forward. “Hands on the bed, sub. Feet apart.”

Her gasp egged him on, fueling his need to dominate. It had been a fucking long-ass time since he’d had the pleasure of a submissive under him and the need to savor every minute pounded into him at the same rhythm of his cock.  As soon as she was in position, he slipped one finger in the slit of her ass cheeks and stroked down until he encountered the dew between her lips. He pressed inside and listened for her moan.

He wasn’t disappointed.

A quick grasp of his cock and he was lined up for the first thrust. He took her to her core in one long hard drive and gloried in the extended half-cry half-moan she made as he burrowed deep. When she quieted, he pulled back until only the tip of him remained in her, then went deep again. He set a slow pace, in deep and hard followed by a prolonged extraction. The feel of her body clenching at him with each thrust and retreat lit up his brain like sugar after a long fast.

He had to know if she felt the same.

Pulling free of her, he landed a stinging blow to her ass and said, “On your back, Joanne. Face up on the bed.”

She complied with alacrity and he directed her to raise her arms. He walked to the end of the bed and reached over the metal frame to grasp her hand. Wrapping the leather cuff around one wrist, then the other, left her staring up at him with a hitch in her respirations.

Fear crept into her expression and his chest pinched. “Remember your safe word, use it if you need to. There’s no disgrace in calling a halt. I don’t want you hurt.”

Warm brown eyes met his for a moment and she nodded, giving him the go ahead to restrain her ankles at the other end of the bed. When she was spread out for his pleasure, he stood next to the bed, his tight dick still covered and ready, and surveyed the beautiful woman before him.

He positioned his body behind the headboard, out of her line of sight, and palmed both breasts. Her gasp increased the throb of his cock and slowed his movements. He needed to watch her squirm.

Lifting his hands until only fingertips touched her skin, he circled each nipple in slow spiraling arcs until he brushed over the tight peaks. She panted and he grasped the tips, then squeezed. The more he tugged the more her body twitched on the bed. But she had nowhere to go.

Moving to one side, he leaned in close and covered her breast with his mouth. The taut berry hardened even more as he licked and nibbled. She cried out, begging for more and he gave it, moving to the other side of the bed.

Her hips rose and fell in an age-old rhythm while he took care of her breast. When the tip was deep red, he lifted his head for her moan. Eyes closed, she whimpered with need.

“Joanne, you will look at me while I fuck you. Do you understand? I want you to be sure who’s inside you.”

“Yes, Master.” Her eyelids fluttered and then lifted, a warmth and need he hadn’t expected connecting them. “I’m yours to command.”  


Monday, July 8, 2013

Private Delights

Chapter 14 continued...

 Hard footsteps sounded on the carpeted hallway and Joanne ducked into one of the ladies rooms on that side of the building. Hiding in a stall wasn’t cool, but the only way to escape questioning.

 The main door remained shut and she relaxed enough to leave the stall and dry her tears. Once composed, she stepped out into the corridor.

Derek’s big body propped up the wall across the hall.

She stopped short, not sure what to say and wondering why he was so obviously waiting for her.

He pushed his body off the wall and turned with a sharp, “Follow.”

With that tone of voice, how could she not?

A swipe of his keycard popped the door’s lock. He held open the door to a private playroom and ushered her inside.

“Why were you hiding?”

Oh, no, he was not going to Dom her into giving him everything and sharing nothing of himself. “Why did you come to my house last night?”

His stare unnerved her. Heat crept up her chest and across her cheeks, a physical reminder of what she wanted from him.

“On your knees, Joanne.”

“No.” She stood her ground, unwilling to forget the conversation she’d overheard. If he was leaving, she wanted the words to come from him.

"When are you leaving?”

“What are you talking about?”

Liar. She wouldn’t let him lie to her. “I heard you. Your conversation with Master Mark was loud enough that it was probably heard in the back parking lot. Tell me.”

Hands on hips, she waited while he stared.

The quick snatch at her arm put her off balance and he spun her around to capture both hands behind her back. Too strong for her to resist, he controlled her wrists with one hand and reached for a nearby drawer. Something soft wrapped around her wrists and tightened until she couldn’t separate her hands.

“Let me go.”

“Do not tell me no, Joanne.” The voice in her ear was dark, lusty, and urgent. “You are mine. Don’t forget that fact. Submit to me or use your safe word.”

The word hung on the tip of her tongue but she refused to give it voice. If he left her, she’d have this moment to remember afterward. If this was all he could give her, she’d take and cherish it. She bit back a reply but writhed in his grip. She wouldn’t make it easy for him.

“Eavesdropping isn’t a good idea. You might hear things you shouldn’t.” A tug on the short length of leather between her wrists pulled her back against him. “On your knees or use your safe word.”

 With only two choices, she went to her knees.

Derek stood before her and growled deep in his throat when she met his eyes.

“I expect submission, Joanne. Don’t make me wait. I’m not in the mood to go easy on you.”

She dropped her chin and waited. The pressure of his hand on her crown soothed more than it hurt, but the tension in his body put her on edge. Something bothered him enough to want to leave and she didn’t know how to help him.

He paced around her, a touch here, a touch there, while she waited for a word or a clue as to his intentions. He stopped behind her and she drew in a rough breath. Fear of the unknown was more powerful than the fear of a man she trusted. In this moment, she feared more for Derek and what was happening in his head than what he would do to her.
“Will you obey, or will you use that word? Tell me.”
“I will obey, Master.”

“You will not run from me.”

She quivered, her heart a sharp thump in her chest at every command. The change in his demeanor had her off center and confused while she tried to figure out what he wanted from her.

“No, Master.”

“Joanne. Look at me.”

His hand swept over her shoulder and lifted her hair, wrapping his hand in the locks. ”Joanne.”

His sandpaper over velvet voice sent a shiver down her spine. Something had happened last night, but she didn’t have a clue as to what. The pressure on her scalp increased and she lifted her chin to look into his eyes. They were dark, rich with emotion and bald need.

“I’m yours, Master.”
His fingers dug into her scalp and she stood ready for whatever he had in mind.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Private Delights

Chapter 14

Derek walked into Mark’s office with a plan, one quickly postponed when he found Steve already seated.

“What’s going on this early?” he asked.

“Hey, buddy. Long time no see,” Steve said.

Derek sat in the other chair and waited for Mark to bring him up to speed, wishing he’d thought to bring a mug of coffee. Sure, he’d had most of a pot at home this morning, but he needed something to do with his hands.

“Steve found some information about a member I’ve already approved. We might have a problem.”

“What kind of problem?” Derek asked.

“History of violence.”

Mark raised a hand. “Possible history of violence. No charges, but more than one incident.”

“Won’t happen here.” Derek got up and went to the fridge for a bottle of water. He needed something in his hand, anything.

“True. We’ll keep a close watch, and I’ll be sure to have a heart-to-heart with him before the club opens.”

“Anything else?” Derek asked.

“Matter of fact, yes. Steve’s fucking Simon Lindsay’s baby sister.”

Derek laughed. He’d known the Lindsay family for years and had worked for the old man long before he joined the army and met Steve. “How in the hell did you manage that?”

“Here’s the kicker,” Mark said. “She doesn’t know about the club, or our friend, here’s proclivities.”

“Vanilla? Really?” Derek asked.

At least Steve had the ability to laugh at himself for a minute.  “Yes, well. I plan to convert her to my wicked ways. Give me a little time and she’ll be squirming under the whip.”

“I look forward to watching,” Derek said, wondering how long he’d have to wait for a private conversation with Mark.

“Well,” Steve said, standing and cracking his back, “I have a job to do, so I’ll be back here later this afternoon.”

Finally. Derek slapped him on the back. “Office still quiet?”

“Nothing Ella and I can’t handle for a few more days.”

When the door shut behind Steve, Derek turned to Mark. “Got a minute?”

“Sure,” he said. “Follow me out.”

 The lights were on and music piped through the building in soothing waves as Joanne made her way through the main hall and into the staff locker room. The final installation of lockers beckoned, providing a safe place to store her belongings while she worked.  The club was almost complete and every day more and more employees joined the ranks.

Today had been set aside to train wait staff and she and Derek would work together, teaching the new staff the etiquette of the club and its patrons, the attention to detail expected from the staff, and the basics of dominance and submission.

Working with Derek was a major perk for her. She’d come to appreciate the man and his intensity. His strong attitude and the way he controlled her with only is voice made her anticipate seeing him every day. He hadn’t replied to her message last night and she had no idea why he’d been outside her home. At some point, she planned to talk to him about it but, doubted he’d have much to say.

He was like a big teddy bear with a broken paw, and the need to repair him tugged at her heart. When she left the employee lounge, she knew he was in the building. Master Mark was in the second floor hall, his voice resonating in the mostly empty space, and from his tone, he and Master Derek were arguing.

“No. I need you here for the next month. Forget it.”

Derek’s voice punched back. “I’m a partner here, not an employee. I can come and go as I please.”

“You have an obligation to complete the tasks you agreed to when we came up with the plan. Don’t bail on Steve and me when we’re so close to the end of the job.”

Joanne stood fixed beside the banister. Derek wanted to leave. A cave formed in her chest at the idea of not seeing him every day. Moisture matted her lashes and she turned away, her feet moving without direction until she found herself leaning against a wall in the dark recesses of the lower floor.

Maybe he’d come by to say goodbye last night.

Would he turn her training over to Master Mark and never look back? She was nothing more than an employee and a plaything. It was the nature of the business and she should know better than to let emotions get in the way.