Monday, April 29, 2013

Chapter 7

Damn, the place was looking better every day and might actually open on time, Steve Gladston thought as he parked in the front lot. Working the day job while his partners managed the construction irritated, but it had to be done. He’d much rather be here every day, in the thick of it, but his turn had come and gone. The security system was in and fully integrated.

At the top of the main staircase the sound of loud voices keyed him to the location of his partners. From the mixture of laughter and profanity, Derek was pissed about something and Mark was egging him on. Fun times ahead.

“What’d I miss?” He sailed into the room and flopped on the new sofa, waiting for the next explosion.

Mark relocated to the matching chair next to the sofa. “Derek’s training the new submissive we hired.”

“Sweet job. Why all the yelling?” When Derek didn’t reply, Steve turned to Mark. More silence and a lifted brow.

So it was about Mary.

And he was no fucking counselor.

“She wouldn’t want you to be alone.”

Anger and pain poured out of his friend. And an unvoiced question. How do you know?

“She loved you. Mary never hid her feelings around us like she did on the floor. You were her husband and her lover and her Dom. We were her friends.”

Derek sagged into the other upholstered chair and stretched his legs out into the open space between the furniture. “Where have you been all day?”

Steve blew out a breath and settled his shoulders. Okay. Better to change the subject than argue about a dead woman and the man who wouldn’t let go. “I worked a bid at Lindsay & Sons. One of us has to make some money around here.”

Derek leaned back and popped his neck before answering, and he still didn’t meet either man’s gaze. “Forgot about that. How’d it go?”

“We’re in.”

“What, no squabbling about the cost?”

Steve relaxed a little. Finally, a decent response along with the change of subject.

Mark spilled his two bits, even though he wasn’t part of their security business. “I remember Simon Lindsay from school. He was head of the debate team. Can’t imagine he just rolled over and took the first offer.”

“Helps when I show up in time to stop a robbery and rescue the little sister.” Yeah, he was gloating, but the altercation with the bad guys got his blood pumping, and so did the meet and greet with the lady. Letting them stew on that little bit of information, he got up and looked around the room. “Where the hell did you put the fridge?”

Mark laughed. “The new cabinets were installed this morning. Open the one on the far left.”

“Damn, I keep forgetting you come from money.” Steve pulled out a cold bottle of water and offered it to Derek, then tossed it to him and grabbed another. When Mark shook his head, Steve closed the door and went back to his chair.

“Did you stage a break-in to get the contract?” Derek asked.

“Yeah, go ahead and slash my ethical soul, but we got the job on merit alone.”

“Right. Tell us what really happened.”

“Seriously. There were three men in the building when I got there. The girl was screaming and I went in. Put two down before the brothers and the police arrived.” As the story unfolded, their expressions went from disbelief to amazement. ”And the little sister is all mine.”

“How in the hell do you find these situations?” Derek asked.

“Somehow I doubt Simon will allow you to drag his sister to a BDSM club, no matter how nice the facilities are,” Mark said. “I know for a fact he’s as straight-laced as they come.”

“Yeah, maybe, but she’s a grown woman and makes her own decisions.”

“You’re delusional. She’s got three older brothers. Three overprotective older brothers. Give it up.”

They might be right, but he didn’t give up easily.

A knock on the office door interrupted his retort, and Mark’s assistant, Mildred stepped inside. “Mr. Harrison, the carpet is here.”

“Great.” Mark stood and stretched. “We have work to do.”

“We’re not laying carpet, are we? Didn’t they bring people to do that?” Steve asked. Hell, all he knew about carpet was that it was something to walk on. He could build and wire a security system, or create internet barriers, or act as a human shield, dammit, but he didn’t do carpet.

“Don’t be a baby.” Mark shoved his shoulder. “We’re moving the already delivered furniture out of the way in each room, then putting it back.”

Derek opened the door and ushered them out. “A little manual labor will be good for us, blow off a little tension.”

Mark laughed. “Still got that hard on?”

“What’d I miss?” Steve asked, following them down the hall.

Derek didn’t appreciate the question, especially when he turned the first corner downstairs and ran right into Joanne.

“Why are you still here?” he asked without thinking. The look on her face set him back a step. “Sorry.” He let his shoulders drop a bit and changed the wording. “I thought you had to be at your other job.”

 His change in tone didn't work. Brittle and contained, she said, “Not until six. And since I picked out the carpet, I’d like to see it when it’s installed.”

He offered a smile. “Right. Forgot about that.”
Mark and Steve came around the corner and Mark said, “Welcome to Private Delights, Joanne. This is Steve Gladston, our other partner. Steve, this is Joanne Reynolds, our first Staff Submissive.”

Heads turned all around him and Mark grinned. “I changed the title, since Paid Submissive didn’t have the right—well, it sounded like something illegal.”

“Thank you, Mr. Harrison.” That from Joanne, and Derek slapped him on the back.

“Decent of you.”

“Where are we starting this project?” Steve asked.

They split into pairs. Mark and Steve headed toward the back of the lower level, leaving him with Joanne.

Perfect. Temptation and self-disgust in one hot package.

“What should I do first?” she asked, and his first thought was get naked, followed by an ache in his chest.

“We’ll start with the playrooms, make sure all the floors are clear.” Two steps ahead of her on the stairs, he heard her sweet reply.

     “Yes, Master.”

     His cock responded before he could take another breath, thick and ready for the next step. The step he didn’t want to take.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Private Delights

Chapter 6

      Joanne flinched at the rough sound of his command. Could she really do this? Watching him open that weapon, the care he took to make sure all the wrapping was removed, the slow inspection of each long strand, took her body to another place. A place where his hands were on her skin, sliding up and down her back and inspecting every inch as he had with the cords.

Clamping her lips shut to prevent the rising moan, she slipped her feet out of her shoes and unzipped the black slacks she’d worn, trying to remember what panties she’d put on this morning. It was a recognizable deflection for her brain but anything to keep her sane at the moment.

A glance in his direction didn’t help at all. He’d gotten rid of his shirt and stood watching her progress.


She didn’t know what he did for a living, but it was definitely working for him. Muscles stood out across wide shoulders and down his chest, visible even through the dark sprinkling of hair. Just a little lower, that dark hair narrowed into a thin line and disappeared into the low-slung waistband of his jeans. Not the kind of body she’d expect from the owner of a business unless it was a gym.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and draped her slacks over the back of the chair. The blouse went over her head and joined the pants. Undies next.

She closed her eyes and reached for the clasp of her bra, but he wouldn’t allow her the slight privacy.

“Eyes on me, sub.”

Dammit. She settled her nerves and tried to remember why she thought this was a good idea. When she met his hot stare, she relaxed. Not completely, but some.

He was as affected as she, his chest rising and falling a little faster than it had when they were simply talking. A flick of her fingers and the bra dropped from her breasts, the straps at her shoulders holding it cupped in front of her.

His eyes flared with heat and she relaxed a little more. A certain sense of power settled in her chest. He wanted to do this. He desired this act, and if she wanted, she could call it off. The outcome was hers to choose.

Her hands came up to her breasts and held the bra cups for a one teasing moment, and then the bra landed on the chair with her other clothes.

“Being a tease will often get you more strokes of the paddle, little submissive-in-training. Bear that in mind.”

Her breath hitched at his comment, but she stood her ground, only lowering her eyes when his brow rose. “Sorry.”

He cleared his throat.

“Sorry, Master.”

“Good girl,” he crooned. “Leave the panties.”

Arms by her side and head tipped forward, she waited for his instructions.

A few seconds seemed like hours while she waited.

“Ordinarily, we’d use restraints to keep you in one place, but the proper equipment won’t be installed until the floors are finished. “Joanne, look at me.”

She looked up into a half-amused face.

“I’m going to break a few rules and give you input today. Don’t expect it to happen again.”

When he paused, she wanted to return the smile but didn’t think he’d appreciate it. Her gaze dropped while she fought the urge and discovered a growing bulge in his pants. Interesting.

“Too choices. Lay across the table or stand against the wall.”

The table was one of those hard plastic temporary things with rounded edges and it wouldn’t be comfortable at all, not that she expected comfort. “I’ll stand, Master.”

“Wise choice. Step over to the wall and show me the standing submissive position.”

Easy enough, but not for long. Dread crept up her spine. She’d never done this, never thought about doing this, and her nerves were tighter than a violin string.

A cool draft blew across her shoulders as the air conditioner cycled on, and then heat brushed against her back. Derek’s bare chest made contact with her shoulder blades, his hands cupped her upper arms and slid down to take her hands. He lifted them the wall and pressed her palms to the plaster.

“Keep them here for me,” he whispered in her ear, the rasp like the swipe of a brush across her scalp, sending tingles straight to her core. Those hot hands returned to her shoulders and slid ever so gently down to her hips. His right foot nudged hers. “Feet further apart. Hm, good girl.”

The heat returned to her back and his proximity had her lungs working a little faster.

“Joanne, can you trust me?”

She replied with a short bob of her head, the gruffness of his voice causing chill bumps to rise on her arms.

“The first few strikes will hurt. Breathe through the pain and wait for the pleasure.” His hands clenched against her hips, his thumbs rubbing circles into her flesh through her thin panties. “Trust me to make it good for you.”

She nodded again and the heat moved away.

A deep breath did nothing for her nerves or the function of her lungs.

She focused on her muscles, trying not to tighten them. If she could just relax, she’d be okay. She was prepared but his hesitation worked on her head. Anticipation was a bitch, one she knew on a first name basis. She could only hope he was trustworthy.

The first lash stung in long lines across her back, the ends of the strands like exclamation points to the pain. A shout left her with the second barrage, the sting more intense than the first. In the pause afterward, a warm hand caressed her skin and the pain morphed into a hot stone massage with a rough edge.

The massage stopped and her Master changed sides, the cat-tail landing at a different angle. The sensations changed, the slap of the cords and the tight little end pieces creating an inflammation from within her body. She ached with a need that raced through her until it reached the center of her body. A moan echoed in the room, and then another before she realized they came from her. Again and again, she felt the strands collide with her body, and every time, she felt the stroke in her belly and in her sex more than across her back.

The need to come bombarded her. “Please, Master,” she whimpered.

He paused in mid swing and lifted her chin. “Are you asking me to stop?”

She turned enough to look at him through a haze of desperate arousal. “No, Master. Don’t stop. I need...I need more....”

His grin was wicked, his face flushed and tight with lust. “I know what you need, little sub. Trust me.”

He stepped back out of sight and another set of lashes crossed her flesh. Moisture slipped past the elastic of her panties and coated the inside of her thighs. She needed him inside her. Now.

The strands of the whip landed one more time and stopped. The heat of his body enveloped her, his hands roaming across her shoulders, retracing the path he’d taken before they began. They paused at her hips then slid around to her belly.

They moved lower. Thick fingers explored the thick cream between her legs. Her panties were pushed aside and two fingers slid deep.

A cry sounded in the bare room as he filled her, pumping his fingers in and out of her sex, and a baritone groan near her ear filled her head. Arms and legs shaking at the onslaught, Joanne clenched around him. “More...more...please, Master.”

His thumb moved against her, found the right spot, and she exploded, the fire in her body rushing to her extremities and back to her core in an instant.

When her eyes opened again, she was in Derek’s arms, cuddled like a baby where he sat on the chair. An attempt to leave his lap failed while he shook his head. “Hang on a few more minutes, honey.”

A few more breaths helped her regulate her heart rate and he eased his hold on her. “Is it supposed to be like that?” she asked.

He cocked a brow. “It can be. Depends on the motive of the Dom. Spankings can be for pleasure, pain, or discipline. Some people prefer the pain more than the pleasure. To each, his own.”

“So I shouldn’t expect this reaction every time?”

“With me, probably. With others, I can’t say. But most Doms prefer to give pleasure.”

A wiggle on his lap made her realize he was still aroused. What was the protocol when a Dom gave a sub an orgasm? “Um, should I give you pleasure now, Master?”

His head stretched back until he faced the ceiling before he answered. The crooked smile made him look younger. “No, I think we’ll leave that lesson for another day.”


“Are you still working another job?” he asked.

“Yes. I didn’t want to quit until I knew this job was a sure thing.” Maybe the residual orgasm had refocused her perceptions, but he was more than handsome as he spoke to her face to face. Okay, so it was probably the orgasm, but he was being nice and she felt good. Better than good.

“You’re officially on the clock as of today. Payroll is biweekly. We’ll continue your training and when we’re not working on submission, you can help in other areas. Once you’re trained, you’ll be training other staff.” He held up a hand to stop her question. “I’ll continue instruction when you need me to with the other subs. Settle with your other job and give us a call when you know when you can be here on a regular basis.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“I’ll be here every day this week, so find me when you get here. Now, get dressed. I have some things to take care of outside.”

He stood, adjusted his hard-on in his jeans, and left her to get dressed. This was going to be one hell of a job but if she felt anywhere close to this satisfied at the end of every work day, she’d be in heaven. 

Derek stopped at Mark’s office door, his head and dick still pounding, and pressed his head against the shiny wood, feeling a lot less than happy with his own version of hardwood.

He ached.

Nothing he could do until it went away on its own.

Celibacy bit the big one, but he’d survive.

His good buddy might not, though.

The door opened and Mark came close to running over him. “Hey, all finished with the new hire?”

Apparently, a growl wasn’t an appropriate greeting.

Mark’s grin wasn’t welcome, either. “Do you like my new door? It was just installed. Great wood grain, don’t you think?”

Derek shoved him into the room and slammed the nice new door behind them. “I need to kill someone right now, and you’re handy.”

Hard hands pushed against his chest and he leaned into them. Mark was strong, fit and muscular, but Derek had at least twenty pounds on him and a boatload of aggression to release.

“Come on, man. Was it that bad? Did she run screaming from the new front doors?”

“You’re enjoying this way too much, buddy.”


Monday, April 15, 2013

Adult Content - if you are under the age of 18, please exit this page.

Chapter 5
She might have some experience as a submissive, but most of it was being fucked and watching others fuck. Besides an idiot boyfriend, Joanne was innocent in the ways of club life. He’d need to start from scratch.
The tension in her shoulders told him she was interested but nervous. Unsure of herself or the situation. Going slow was the best option. However, Derek had chores outside this gig and knew from past experience that the more time he took training her, the harder it would be to separate his body and mind into different entities.
Having her in his bed wasn’t an option.
And regardless of where he got her submissive-wise, he wouldn’t subject her to the darkness he reined in every minute of every day. He flat wouldn’t do that to the novice standing in front of him with her mouth hanging open.
With one finger, he tucked her chin back into place. “You don’t have any idea what these things are, do you?”
“No, Master.”
Mentally expounding on Mark’s poor parentage with a silent string of explicit phrases, Derek stepped around her and snagged another folding chair from the hallway. “Sit.”
Joanne’s eyes jumped to his face, panic making her pale.
Shit. He didn’t want to do this, but she needed more than a rudimentary lesson in dominance and submission. He set the other chair in front of her and straddled it, his arms looped across the back while they spoke face to face.
More like he lectured and she listened.
“This club isn’t a strip club or a porn shop. It’s a place where men and women who chose to participate in an alternative lifestyle are free to openly do so. That said, the members will often be nude or semi-nude and may or may not be engaged in public sexual encounters. Possibly like the ones you witnessed while you were involved with that asshole you mentioned.”
She sucked in a breath but he didn’t let her speak, his raised brow all the reminder she needed, thank God.
“As a paid submissive, you might be asked to participate in sexual acts or in scenes where members act out fantasies. You will not be passed around like a whore the way your previous boyfriend did with the other women in that group.”
“Oh. Okay.”
“You will be paid a salary and we don’t allow gratuities for any of our employees. There won’t be any allusions about paid sexual favors. Understand?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Good. Glad that’s settled.”
“Me, too.”
Derek cocked his head in her direction. “Did you expect to be on your back every night?”
“No.  I was waiting to find out if that was the case. I would’ve quit first thing.” Her voice faltered. “I was hoping for something better than...originally, I applied for a waitress position.”
“Understood. Still with me or ready to go home?”
“Still here. Thank you.”
“Good.” Her body language remained a little off, but in slow steps he recognized the signs of relaxation. No doubt in his head she was still way outside her comfort zone, but he could get her there if she’d let him.
“Working here, you’ll see plenty of intimate acts. If you’re asked to participate, you may. But it will always be a choice you make. No one will force you. If anyone tries, you report it to management immediately.”
     As close as their faces were to each other, the quick flash of surprise on her face caught him off guard. “Don’t believe me?”
     The hard swallow and carefully blank face wasn’t the reply he wanted. Her eyes were down again and her mouth kept opening and closing even though no words escaped. When she finally looked at him again, her expression was almost defiant.
     “I believe your intent. But the kind of high end clients, members, I mean, well, in my experience, the more money a man has, the more...favors he expects. Most businesses tend to follow the money instead of the employee.”
     Derek leaned back and stretched his arms, not immediately realizing his show of muscle put her off. Not his intention at all, but it made him wonder how much damage that old boyfriend had done and whether she’d be able to work it out. If he could gain her trust and show her how a true Dom took care of his submissive, she’d be well on her way to enjoying the lifestyle.
With a flash of insight, he realized Mark had been smart to put her in his hands. He had more patience than his old friend, and more experience in training subs. It was the right choice for all but one reason. He didn’t want a woman in his life. He didn’t want to play in the club, just help manage it. He didn’t want to feel the pull of sensuality from a cute little submissive.
Want and need were two different issues, and watching Joanne had his body overriding his brain, his emotional reluctance. In fact, he was perilously close to giving up his celibate streak for this straight talking woman.
     Damn little lady had a way with words and didn’t cut corners. The strength of her convictions impressed him. She’d be a hell of a submissive and the idea of his hands on her filled his head.
     “Thanks for your honesty, but I can assure you the employee’s report will be substantiated and actions will be taken as necessary. The partners running this club will see to it.”
     “How can you be sure?” she asked, then slapped her hand across her mouth. “Sorry. That was out of line.”
     “I’m sure because I’m one of the partners. All three of us take offense at a woman being abused. We’re in the process of putting together membership packets to maintain the safety of everyone involved in Private Delights, employees and members alike.”
     “If that’s true, why are you stocking this room with instruments of torture?”
     “Darlin’, they may look like dangerous weapons, but erotic pain is often the path to orgasm. Don’t dismiss it until you’ve tried it.”  He stood and went back to the boxes. Might as well introduce her to a few more tools of the trade.
     “Show me.”
     All motion stopped and his chest flooded with heat. Son of a bitch. Did she really ask that question, or was it a figment of his imagination? Turning his head, he saw determination in her eyes even though her knees were shaking.
     “What are you asking, Joanne?”
     “If...if I’m going to work here...and do this, I need to know if...if I can handle it.”
     “And you’re asking me to spank you?” Damn body wasn’t cooperating with his celibacy plan and it was Mark’s fault.
     She planted a hand on her hip. “Who else should I ask? Some guy off the street?” Her chest rose and fell on a long, deep breath. “I can assume you know how to do this?”
     Oh, hell, he knew how and he wanted to, even knowing she wasn’t his to play with, but she had a point. If she couldn’t handle a little erotic pain play with him in an empty room, how would she manage in a full club?
     The less than perfect environment bothered him. Until the carpet was installed, all the equipment was stacked in a corner, meaning no restraints. The only option was the table.
     Derek pulled a cat-tail out of a box and slowly removed the wrapping on each of the nine soft leather strands. Each one ended with a braided knot. With the packaging put away, he gave it a few practice swings and turned to face her.
     “Strip and present yourself.”

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Private Delights novella with no name as yet...

Chapter 4


Joanne adjusted the position of her knees, thankful she’d worn slacks instead of a dress. The unfinished floor wasn’t exactly comfortable, but the fabric helped.

What to tell him? Honesty would be best, since she needed the job. The salary quoted by the secretary was close to double her last paycheck.

“Five years ago, I was living in Michigan and dating a man who was, well, I guess the best word would be interested, in the lifestyle. We joined a local group and participated for about six months.”

“Only six months? Why did you stop?”

Blunt or delicate? Did it really matter?

“He liked being with other people, but he didn’t like to see me with other men. He couldn’t handle the fact that I enjoyed it. It became a competitive thing with him, seeing how many women he could... be with while I watched. After the second or maybe it was the third month, he refused to let me participate.” The frustration she’d dealt with during that relationship surged to the fore and she slapped it back into the dark spot in her heart where all her troubles lived. “At the time, I thought he’d change his mind once he had his fill.” She paused for a comment that didn’t come.


“We were living together and working a lot of hours. I didn’t realize he was going without me. When I found out, we fought. He insisted I go with him again, and I tried. Once or twice.”

She stretched her spine and watched his expression stay calm and unaffected by the information she shared. And then she realized what made him different. There were no explosions, no demanding questions or heated discussions. He was strong and dominant, but he didn’t take his emotions out on other people. The best word she could find to describe him was self-contained.

“What happened when you went back?” he asked, his deep voice conveying curiosity and concern but no hint of contempt.

She shrugged. “More of the same. It wasn’t fun anymore, so I walked away.”

That piercing gaze of his observed her for a few minutes, taking in the information and processing it against what he saw now, and she hoped the person he saw now was a better person than she’d been five years ago.

“I can say with some authority that removing yourself from that situation was a wise choice.”

Thank you was the first thing she wanted to say, but didn’t. “Even though it was his idea to begin with?”

Derek’s brows rose at her question, making him look sympathetic and attractive as hell. This wasn’t going to be easy, letting him touch her without getting involved. Falling in love with him might be the easiest thing she’d ever do in her life. Scary, since they just met.

“From what you’ve told me, if he stayed in the lifestyle, he probably evolved into one of two types. A closet submissive that plays at being a Dom, or a dangerous Dom, one who believes there’s no need for a safe word.”

“I don’t think I’d like either choice.” When he nodded, she couldn’t stop her question. “What kind of Dom are you?”

When he laid his forearms on his knees and leaned in close, Joanne wished she’d kept her mouth shut.

“I’d like to say I’m the only type of Dom you’ll meet around here, but until I assess the membership, I can’t comment.”

In the early shock of his closeness, she’d forgotten to lower her eyes, and now, she couldn’t look away. Dark eyes, almost black, bored into hers and mesmerized, a sensual stroke without a touch of skin on skin. He radiated power and compassion, a heady mix of sexuality and sorrow.

In a blink, it was gone from his face, and she didn’t know what to think.

“Let’s get started,” Derek said, straightening in the chair. “While your frame is adequate, I’d like to see better. Knees apart, feet together, hands on your thighs, palms up.”

Joanne blinked at his change in demeanor and let her eyes drop while she adjusted her body. When finished, he murmured a ‘good girl’ and stood.

Her eyes stayed at his feet. Nice shoes. Long and wide. Thick soles. Interesting.

Rolling her lips in over her teeth, she tried to repress the inner monologue and listen to his comments.

A hand appeared in front of her face.

“Take my hand and stand, sub.”

Sliding her hand into his warm palm reminded her of the lack of male companionship in her life. This job would most likely change how she felt about not having a boyfriend. She’d meet a lot of people here, but she doubted they’d all be like Derek.

“Show me the standing sub position.”

With no clue, she raised her gaze. “I never knew that one.”

He stepped closer and his hands rested on her shoulders, the heat penetrating a little too much for her comfort zone today, but a few breaths helped her relax. The distinctly calm tone of his voice helped.

“Move your feet a little farther apart, relax your shoulders but don’t slump. Only your head is lowered. Submissive and beaten down are two different looks. A good submissive is strong internally and happy in the service of her Dom.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now, put your arms behind your back. Have you had any experience with handcuffs?”

“Yes, Master.” Dammit. She’d forgotten about this aspect of submission. The one time she’d been cuffed, she’d had bruises for a week. Squeezing her eyes shut, she concentrated on her breathing.

Rough fingers touched her chin about the same time she heard his soft shushing sound. He lifted her chin with a gentle hand she wouldn’t expect from such a large man.

“You’ve had a bad experience, haven’t you, Joanne?”

It was the first time she’d heard her name on his lips and the feeling it evoked shocked her.

“Tell me.”

“They hurt and I had bruises afterward.”

“Unless you’re in police custody, they’re not supposed to be painful.”

He held them in front of her and she sucked in a breath. The metal cuffs he held were wrapped in fabric, nothing like the ones she’d seen before.

“Touch them, get used to the feel of them. In our club, handcuffs—hell, all the cuffs we use—are more of a reminder of submission than an attempt at pain management.”

Derek laid them in her hands and let her play with them for a few minutes. The fabric around them was soft and encased all of the metal except the closures.

“Before we move any further into the scene, let’s talk about all the different types of restraints we plan to use here at Private Delights.”

He led her to a table piled with boxes, some of them already opened and waiting for inventory.  “Until the room is completed and shelves are ready, I don’t want to open all of these, but one from each box should be enough to get you used to the equipment.”

Who knew sex required equipment beyond the human participants? Nevertheless, she stood by his side while Derek opened a box and unwrapped a long leather-sheathed rod with a flat surface extending from the end.

“This is a slapper,” he told her, “usually used when the submissive is bound in some way or positioned on a Saint Andrews cross.”

Suddenly, her world got a whole lot smaller.