Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Little Lite Rant


     Everyone seems to have something to complain about these days.  The media is full of ‘analysts’ who complain about what the politicians are doing. Voters are complaining about the money being spent, or not spent, considering their economic status. Everyone is protesting or griping about the state of public education. And yet, no one wants to fix anything.

 I’ve decided that the biggest problem we have in this country is that everyone likes to complain, but no one wants to help fix things.

We are a nation of enthusiasts.

Why hasn’t someone come along and rallied the troops to fix our country? We’ve been trying to fix everybody else’s countries for years. It’s time to focus on America.

Money is not the way to go.

Throwing money at a problem never works, and often it makes the problem worse.

What we need are people willing to work for America.  We’ve seen an increase in ‘Made in America’ products. Now it is time to make our country the product.

 We can fix the political system by voting. If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain. Every citizen over the age of 18 needs to set aside enough time to study the issues and the candidates and vote.

If you want to fix education, find a school and volunteer. Teachers work every day, whether school is in or out. Don’t let the hours fool you. Teachers have year-round homework. Students need good role models. They need individualized help. But school budgets are falling while enrollment skyrockets. Volunteer and decide for yourself if legislatures are playing fair with the money they are taking away from our future.

Get involved. It’s the only way to change things in your community, your school, and your country.