Thursday, January 31, 2013

Developing Multiple Personalities


I finally finished the first installment of my new BDSM series. I love the characters and the interaction between this book and the others I have planned. Most have ready-to-go bios and one or two more are still in the sketch stage.


I woke up yesterday with an idea I couldn’t resist. A fast paced chase story about a lady lawyer whose irate client is trying to kill her and the smoking hot guy she contacts to protect her.

Sounds great. Fun. Tons of possibilities.

But now the people in my head are fighting about who gets on the page first. They’re interrupting my sleep and my typing. They’re putting a stop to my housework (what little I do) and my shopping. The cats are getting irritable about the same old kibble and the hubby is grumbly but trying to be supportive of the creative process.

Not sure which characters will win the war to be first. Right now, I’m trying to juggle all of them. It might sound strange, but they’re all important to me. Friends on paper that speak to me, begging to get their stories told.

At what point does this go from creative process to psych ward?