Sunday, August 19, 2012

Life is Crazy

            It’s been an interesting few weeks. I spend a wildly busy week in Anaheim attending the RWA National Conference.  My feet hurt, my brain thrummed from all the new things I learned, and I was frustrated when I couldn’t remember a new friend’s name (because I met so many wonderful, interesting people).
            The creative energy in the lobby of the Marriott was amazing. When I could find a place to sit, I opened my laptop and let the ambiance fill my soul with new words (and managed to write the first ten pages of my next book). If you ever have a chance to attend an RWA National conference, please do so.
            I’ve never known an industry other than Romance Writers where those who are successful are so interested in helping others be successful. In every workshop I attended, great writers like Susan Elizabeth Philips and Jane Ann Krentz were willing to share insights and advice. (I would happily add a list of all the great speakers I heard, but it would fill this page and many others. Too many to count, but many, many names I recognized from book stores.)
            On the way home, I stopped to visit dear friends and came away with wonderful memories of strong friendship that survives distance.

And then to work:

            While in California, I worked on a new book. When I got home, I had to revise and submit the manuscript I left on my desk. So, filled with momentum from the conference, I got busy. And I mean BUSY. Thank goodness that one is finished. It was a learning experience for me, and I hope I take the lessons with me on the next one. Happily, the story, Hijacked at the Rodeo, found a home at Siren Publishing and will be out in a few months. (I’ll post the date on my website.) it is one of two sequels to Kidnapped at the Gun Show, which is available now from Siren Publishing.

            Now on to new projects.

            I love my new job. I write every day and am constantly surprised by what my characters decide to do.  They lead me down dark corridors and into sunny meadows, and I love each and every one. Some days, I like the dark corners, and other days, I prefer the sunshine. What about you?


  1. Yay, you posted. Congrats on the new sale. May there be many many more.

    I don't think I prefer one over the other, I just love it when it all comes together like it should.

  2. Conference sounds so great. I can just imagine you typing away in the middle of people going to and fro in the lobby, soaking all their energy in...