Sunday, August 26, 2012


Life is an adventure ...the ongoing story. Or more commonly known as ‘Just when things were looking up, shit happened.’ And strangely enough, several of my friends experienced similar phenomenas this week.

A tough week for all of us.

Clicking along on my laptop, I was deep into my new story when I heard rain. I checked the window. Sunshine and clear skies. The sound of rain persisted, so I left my workstation to investigate. Sunshine and rain simultaneous in Texas? Happens occasionally.

 Sun outside and rain inside? Disaster alert!

Rain showered down the inside of the dining room window, dripping from the upper window casing and ending up on the (thankfully) tile floor. Above, I could hear one of my sons in the shower.

After mopping up and exploring the upstairs bathroom, I searched the internet for a plumber. Diagnosis: a cracked tub. First estimate: $6500 to gut and redo.

We’re thinking it over. Working on a plan to get the job done for less.

Wondering if we should encourage one of the boys to skip college and go into a trade—like plumbing. Sounds like a lucrative field.

Now we wait to see what next week brings. I’ll keep you posted.

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