Monday, May 20, 2013

Chapter 10 Warning: Adult content

Chapter 10
Joanne clamped her lips tight and attempted to relax, but the sting in her nipples continued long after his hands went on to other endeavors.
This job would ruin her for any other sexual encounter. Just the thought of vanilla sex was abhorrent right now, the pulse of her arousal filling her head with a persistent drumbeat of need.
Beside her, Derek’s cowboy boot sat mere inches from her, and if she cut her eyes just right, she could see his jean encased hip and watch his thigh flex while he spoke to the applicant. She blinked a couple of times and refocused on the wall several feet in front of her. Aside from the table he used for the interviews, Master Derek had placed her in plain sight and she could only wonder what the potential employees might be thinking.
The rumble of Master Derek’s voice keyed her into what was happening beside her, pulling her out of her musings and into the reality of her place in the room. Chair legs scraped and footsteps moved away. Master’s hand stroked her head and crooned his pleasure while different footsteps approached.
They were quicker, or maybe the length of the step was shorter. A woman? The sensual overload played havoc on her perceptions of the area around her. And if it was a woman approaching, what would she feel about Joanne’s place in the room?
Derek’s voice interrupted her thoughts.  
“Private Delights is a private BDSM club,” he told the woman. “The bar will be open to the public, but wait staff may be asked to serve in the main club. This is an example of what you might witness on the main floor. Is this something you can handle on a daily basis?”
“That depends,” a female voice said. “Is this a choice or is this woman being coerced in some way?”
“Joanne, will you answer her question?”
“Yes, Master Derek.” A cleansing helped her focus on an answer. “I choose to be submissive, and my Dom provides for my needs. I have the right to deny him but choose to obey.”
“This is your decision, not his?”
She didn’t sound convinced and Joanne didn’t blame her. The lifestyle was a long leap from a traditional relationship. “My choice. Not one everyone might want to try, but it works for me. And for many others.”
The woman took an audible deep breath and let it out slowly. “Okay, as long as it’s consensual, I’m fine with it.”
He conducted two more interviews before calling a break, instructing the applicant to close the door on his way out. Joanne hopped it meant she’d be allowed to stand up. Her knees ached from the wood flooring and her back was stiff.
The door clicked shut and rough hands grasped her under her arms and pulled her upright, then onto Derek’s lap. Fingers dug into the tense muscles below her shoulder blades and she moaned in pleasure.
“I’m proud of you Joanne. You handled that woman’s question perfectly.”
“Thank you, Master Derek.”
His thumbs loosened the muscles and moved lower. “Stand for me.”
She eased to her feet and stretched then shivered when his hands settled at her waist and those hard thumbs massaged the small of her back. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, he stopped and leaned to the side. Straightening, he set her bra and blouse on the table.
“Turn around.”
Her perception of nakedness turned on a dime, much like her body did. Bare from the waist up and in the submissive pose was one thing, facing him with her tits in his face was another. Her face warmed and she attempted to keep her respirations shallow, but knowing he saw every inch of her chest as it rose and fell disarmed her more than being completely naked in the playroom with him.
He held out her bra. “Arms.”
Her heart pounded in her chest but she put her hands through the straps and fought to stay still while he settled the cups against her breasts. This wasn’t sex, this was intimacy, and she had no frame of reference for this man’s version of intimate behavior.
He drew the clasps together and asked, “Too tight?”
“No, Master.”
“Turn, and breathe, Joanne. I won’t bite.”
Oh, God, she didn’t need that visual, since her body was already half way to completion.
She faced him again and he slid her blouse over her head and helped with the sleeves.
“Now, since you’ve been a good sub, I’m going to feed you. We have time to get some lunch. Follow.”
Did she have a choice? Not a chance.
The voice and the attitude pulled her into his wake and kept her feet moving in his direction. Besides, the view from the back was almost as lip-smacking good as his captivating face. He put her into the passenger seat of his car and they left the lot. For all she knew, they could be on the way to Mexico, but she knew better than to ask. Instead, she sat silent and waited for the next instruction.
“Do you have a preference for lunch?” he asked.
“Not really.”
“Joanne. This isn’t a test. If you don’t want to have lunch with me, say so and I’ll take you back to the club.”
Turning to face him, she caught the glimmer in his eyes and she wasn’t sure what it meant. “I’m not sure what my place is here.”
He grinned, a smatter of a laugh escaping before he spoke. “Nothing earthshattering, just a friendly lunch with a little dominance thrown in, that’s all. Now, what do you like to eat? Or better yet, what won’t you eat?”
“Unfortunately, I’ve yet to find something I won’t eat.”
“Good. I can push your boundaries while we eat and we can talk about your duties at Private Delights once we open.”
“May I ask a question?”
Derek nodded. “Of course.”
“Will I be required to be naked when the club opens?”







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