Monday, November 19, 2012


     Strange goings on at my house lately.  Tigger, the new kitten, is disrupting the household. Not surprising, but with so many projects in the works, she’s a distraction I didn’t need. Between finishing Stranded at the Rodeo and starting my new BDSM project, baking for Thanksgiving, and wondering where I’m going to put the Christmas tree now that the study is my office, the conflict between Sassy and Tigger is a tad irritating.

Sassy has ruled the house for three years, her only competition for attention being Zelda, the seventy pound lab. She sees herself as Queen Sassy, in charge of her own destiny and purveyor of affection on her terms only. An overstuffed feline handing out opportunities for affection only when she feels compelled to socialize. A true fat cat.

Tigger is the exact opposite.

She runs, climbs, skids and explores. The minute she comes into contact with a human, the motor goes on high alert and can be heard across the room.

Sassy spends much of her time these days hissing and growling. Tigger wants to play, so she stalks the big cat. Funniest thing I’ve seen is the little squirt of a kitten chasing my ten pound monster up the stairs.

It happens at least once a day.

I know they’ll become friends eventually.


The Christmas tree goes up Friday.


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