Sunday, July 1, 2012


            I went to the movies yesterday to see a much-hyped movie, and it wasn’t at all what I expected. From the promos, I planned to see an comedy filled with half-naked men dancing.
            What I got was a dark look at the underside (no pun intended) of the industry. The headline grabbing actor who is prominent in all the movie’s advertisements wasn’t in much of the movie. And although the show was interesting, I’d expected to see more of him.
            The dancing (and tight male chests) were nice to watch, but the alcohol and drug abuse worried me, since I saw a few children in the audience with their moms. Not the type of movie I would have taken a six year old to see.
            Discussing the movie with my hubby the next day was enlightening. He made this interesting query. Why do women see nothing wrong with watching male strippers, yet think of women who earn a living stripping with derision?
            The double standard is there for all to see.  I can’t imagine a movie of this sort playing in major theatres if the genders were reversed. The male leads were promiscuous, but in our culture, men are allowed to sleep around while women are still expected by many to be innocent.
            It’s all about expectations.
            As a reader and writer of romantic fiction, I have my own expectations. When I pick up a book with a house on the front, expect a certain type of story, usually a mystery or a sweet romance. When the cover shows a bare-chested man, I expect a hot, sexy love story.  The same can be said of people on the street or at the neighborhood mall. Who among us hasn’t sat on a bench at the mall and people-watched?
            The way people dress, walk, talk to their companions, interact with their children or spouse, is fascinating. Sometimes it’s even better than a movie.
            Sometimes it’s fuel for a novel.
            Beware. There are writers among you.

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